Zephyr – 8-Pattern Heavy-Duty Telescopic Watering Wand


Reach new heights of gardening and watering.

  • 8-Pattern Wash for all your watering needs – Shower, Centre, Cone, Stream, Vertical, Flat, Mist, Full.
  • Effortless sliding thumb-valve. All-in-one thumb control adjusts water flow without hand fatigue
  • 36″ to 60″ Extensible Lightweight, rust-proof aluminium shaft makes long use super easy.
  • 180º Adjustable Head for superb customizability. Sponge holder for a comfortable grip. Added hook for easy storage.
  • Plug to fit with any ½” hose. Remove the plug to work with any Zephyr hose with end-fittings.


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  • The second generation of Zephyr’s Watering Wand. Bringing the loved 8-mode Zephyr Spray Gun features now to a telescopic wand which can help you reach hard-to-water areas of your gardens and homes with a super-simple mechanism. With a comfortable grip, super-intuitive sliding thumb valve, lightweight and rust-proof aluminium shaft, 180º adjustable head and an added hook for easy storage – this watering wand will make your gardening and watering easier than ever before.

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