Quick-Connects 4-Piece Kit


Tired of messy and leaky water hose connections?
Wasting time attaching and detaching water hoses?
Time to evolve.

  • The complete Zephyr quick connects kit for super-easy connects and disconnects between water hoses, water faucets and watering tools like spray guns
  • Make watering connections a snap, no more messy, time-wasting, unreliable make-shift connections, attach when you’re watering, detach when you’re not. In a jiffy.
  • 1 attaches to a male 3/4-inch water outlet (faucets, taps), 2 attaches to female 3/4-inch end of a water hose with fittings, 3 attaches to a male 3/4-inch end of a water hose
  • Chrome-plated brass construction for long, rust-free and tough life
  • Leave them on the hose or outlets as they allow water flow even when not connected
  • Compatible with Zephyr hoses of all sizes with end-fittings, the Zephyr spray guns and 3/4-inch male water outlets, please refer to images and videos for better understanding


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