Auto-retractable Water Hose Reel (Heavy-Duty | Multiple Colors)


Enjoy your gardening and washing, and then let it go 🙂

    • Evolve your garden with this beautiful and efficient gardening solution
    • Never coil a garden hose again, keep your garden beautiful and gardening fun with this spring based retractable garden hose reel, made for home and institutional use but constructed with industrial quality powder coated steel parts, saves time, keeps your garden clean, avoids tripping hazards, looks great, just makes sense
    • Comes with a Zephyr 500 PSI (burst pressure) rubber hose revolutionary ultra lightweight rubber hose that will remain flexible in extreme weather conditions and will last you years, can be used for both air and water, lead in hose and installation fittings are included, 3/4 inch bsp (male/female) fittings
    • Heavy-Duty front-trigger 8 mode spray gun to make gardening fun and efficient while also saving water
    • 18-Gauge Heavy-Duty Steel Construction for durability
    • Heavy-Duty Spring with gasket to allow for smooth and strong operation
    • 12 point ratchet allows you to stop at many lengths
    • Ultimate durability : Class-leading 10-year warranty on the hose
    • Brass end-connections (on selected variants) make for neat and leak-proof connections and allows easy attach and detach of tools and accessories
    • Professional performance allows hot water up to 95°C and working pressures up to 10BAR
    • 1-Year Warranty



  • Zephyr Auto-Retractable Hose Reel

    Be it gardening, car-washing or house-cleaning, the Zephyr Auto-retractable Garden Hose Reel is the perfect companion for the Zephyr Garden Hose. No more messy hoses lying around in your beautiful homes and gardens, no more tripping hazards for children. With the Zephyr auto-retractable hose reel, you can just enjoy your gardening and then let it go.

    If you want your gardening & washing to be super easy and fun and your gardens to look neat and beautiful, the Zephyr Auto- retractable hose reel is a no-brainer.


    Never coil your garden hose again.

    The spring-based reel results in the smooth auto-rewind of the hose back to its original position so your garden is watered yet neat. Put an end to the struggle of coiling your hose back manually and yet not being able to make it neat enough.

    Powder-coated all metal construction for heavy use.

    Constructed with powder coated heavy-duty steel, the Zephyr hose reels will withstand heavy use for a long time. The powder-coating resists against rust, so it is perfect for watering needs. The steel spring is designed for many cycles.

    Includes the best garden tools

    The Zephyr hose reel comes with all you need to make it work out-of-the-box. The revolutionary Zephyr garden hose, the Zephyr 9-mode spray gun, a lead-in hose to connect to water outlets and mounting hardware.

    Multiple mounting options

    What makes watering life even easier is the multiple mounting options. You can mount the Zephyr hose reels on the ceiling to save floor-space and keep it clean, on the wall or on the floor itself.

    Pair with Zephyr Swivel Mount

    Utilize the full potential of the hose reel by pairing it with the optional Zephyr Swivel mount. This makes the reel rotate up to 140deg allowing for easier pull of the hose in different directions. It also saves wear and tear of the reel and hose as there’s less pressure on the reel.

    12-point ratchet

    The class-leading 12-point ratchet on the Zephyr Hose Reel allows you to stop and hold the hose at many more positions and lengths. So much more precision.

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