Hoses Overview

The lightest and strongest multipurpose rubber hoses

The revolutionary formulation of Zephyr hoses lets them have the flexibility and versatility of the best of rubber hoses and yet be 40% lighter than regular rubber hoses.
This makes them the most easy-to-use rubber hoses you can nd on the market, and yet these won’t get stiff and crack and burst like those plastic hoses. No need to bother about replacing hoses every now and then.

Unmatched All-weather Flexibility

Tired of replacing plastic / hybrid hoses that crack and get stiff every winter? And become noodle-like soft in summers? Forget about all of that with Zephyr which have unmatched cold weather performance and remains flexible even until -45°C. And remains as strong and solid up til 82°C. So if you work, it works.


Professional Performance

The Zephyr hoses are designed for professionals and heavy-duty use. Over 25 years of listening to the end-users, RMX came up with BluBird and Zephyr. And now, these are the nest hoses a professional can have. With a safety factor of 4:1, they can sustain high pressures for a long time. Zephyr hoses can carry hot water up to 95°C with ease and for long durations. So, whether or not you use it, it has much more potential than any other hose on the market.

Backed up with a 10-year warranty

All these claims are backed up by a 10-year replacement warranty against manufacturing defects. Enough said.


  • General Purpose Air Hose

  • Workshop Air Hose

  • Water Hose

  • Agricultural Spray Hose

  • Oil Transfer Hose

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